What’s in the News

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Two new laws went into effect on January 1st that are a real win for those of us interested in staying healthy. The first law now requires that the amount of “trans” fats in a food product must be listed on the label. “Trans” fats are partially hydrogenated oils and are cancer promoting, artery clogging (by decreasing HDL, the good cholesterol, and increasing LDL, the bad cholesterol), and may exacerbate inflammation. You will notice many manufacturers have removed them from the products already, so they wouldn’t have to state the inclusion of these unhealthy substances on their labels.

The second law requires that foods imported from other countries must now meet current U.S. standards for pesticide residue levels. Up until now, imported food was allowed to have pesticide residues of chemicals that have long been banned in the U.S. It’s good news for us, but not for the American chemical companies that have continued to produce, sell and ship these dangerous pesticides to other countries, only to have them arrive back at our shores laced in our imported foods. However, since no type or level of pesticides in food is safe, your best strategy is still to buy and eat organic.