The Chocolate Chip Cookie That Ate My Memory

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What was the name of that …? Honey, have you seen my …? If you recognize either of these questions, you may have fallen victim to one of those now famous and clichéd events known as the senior moment! Of course, not all memory lapses are related to age. The young sometimes forget, too! But now an interesting new study asks a whole new question about memory:

Is blood sugar related to the vexing problem of senior moments?

It seems that raised blood sugar levels may be the cause of memory lapses or so-called “senior moments” that occur with increasing age. Results of a new study, published in the December issue of the Journal Annals of Neurology, suggest just that. The results show even in healthy individuals without diabetes that keeping blood sugar under control could be a key in preventing memory lapses and sometimes even dangerous memory losses in older people.

Dr. Small, who led the research at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, had previously shown that one area of the hippocampus was mainly responsible for age-related memory decline. The scientists found that reduced hippocampal activity was associated with higher levels of blood sugar.

This is, of course, preliminary research, but demonstrates yet another very good reason to maintain a healthy blood sugar. Blood sugar levels of greater than 99 are in the pre-diabetic range, and above 90, are still not in the optimal range. These unhealthy blood sugar levels are 100% reversible with nutritional intervention. Following the appropriate balanced diet and incorporating regular exercise are the keys to healthy and balanced blood sugar levels.

PS: And yes, of course, most everyone can have the occasional chocolate chip cookie without going into memory lapses. Just make sure they are occasional and when you eat one, do it with full gusto, intention, and pleasure!