REBOOT: Get More Clear, Focused and in Right Action Supporting Your Goals

You can’t do it all, but you can do one thing, then another, then another … And you can lead your home and work life in a way that serves others while also serving your own needs for good health and making a difference in the world. You can lead your life in a way that builds upon and leverages your natural strengths, preferred behaviors and core motivators. And you can realign your work and home life so that you enjoy more health, success and less stress.


  • Is this the year you “care for your own health” as skillfully as you care for your “family & work”?
  • Are you ready to finally “get to” your goals for your career, health, creativity, and life-balance?
  • Is it time to re-boot, refresh and re-prioritize your habits and routines?
  • Do you want to more fully understand how to leverage your strengths and minimize your blind spots to have more wellbeing and effectiveness in your life?

Sign-up for this evidence-based, Coaching Intensive for people seeking a fresh and healthy start.

Imagine a patented, evidence-based high-level assessment that will give you new clarity on your personal strengths and challenges. Picture having empirical feedback on the parts of your work and life that you find most valuable and satisfying.

Further imagine having a veteran life coach assist you with your results. This includes helping you build a personal strategic plan for leveraging your strengths and mitigating your challenges in ways never imagined.

All that is involved is 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Complete an on-line assessment in less than 20 minutes.

Step 2: Complete a brief, powerful and strategic set of clarifying questions to prepare for the in-depth one-on-one coaching session.

Step 3: Finally we sit down together for a single coaching session of 2.5-3 hours. First, we will debrief and interpret your results of the assessment. It is an in-depth report of 40 – 50 pages of information- all about you! Then we will build a specific plan to leverage your strengths and mitigate your challenges while re-balancing and prioritizing what you want to accomplish this year.

Investment: Normally this one time intensive coaching session costs $1000, including the cost of the assessment. This New Year’s offer is 25% off at $750. I think you will find it’s a real bargain and a great jump-start for your year.