Whole Health Detoxification

Why Liver Detoxification?

Do you suffer from fatigue, fuzzy thinking, sugar cravings, excess weight, gas, bloating, constipation, joint pain, headaches, mood swings, or other nagging symptoms? It may be a result of toxic build-up and sluggish liver detoxification.

Consider the following:

  • According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in the year 2000, more than 4 billion pounds of chemicals were released into the ground, threatening our natural groundwater sources.
  • Over 260 million pounds of chemicals were discharged into surface waters (i.e., lakes, rivers, and oceans).
  • Nearly 2 billion pounds of air emissions were pumped into the atmosphere.
  • Several thousand food additives are intentionally added to our food supply, and thousands more slip into our food supply unintentionally during harvesting, processing, and packaging. In fact, the average American consumes about 124 pounds of food additives a year!
  • Over 400 pesticides and herbicides are currently licensed for use on food crops, and every year over 2.5 billion pounds are dumped on croplands, forests, lawns, and fields.

The body is able to rid itself of harmful toxins through a Two Phase process of liver detoxification. Unfortunately, this process is compromised in many individuals due to the great numbers of toxins their bodies must get rid of, as well as a lack of the required nutrients to fuel the entire detoxification process. Changing to a healthful diet alone will help the body detoxify by providing the nutrients required — but that can take a year or more, depending on your current state of health.

Extensive research shows that the amount of toxic buildup can impact our health by affecting all the systems of the body, including immunological, neurological, and endocrine systems. The range of symptoms that could be related to toxic build-up are addressed in the Toxicity Self-Assessment Test.

I can provide you with an advanced detoxification program to help your body rid itself of dangerous toxins. Modern science has taught us that the detoxification process is heavily nutrient-dependent. Enzymes are the engines that drive the detoxification process, and vitamins, minerals, and other key food components fuel them. Therefore, adequate nutrition is essential for effective detoxification. The program provides simple, yet effective, dietary guidelines combined with a complete and nutritionally balanced beverage. This clinically tested beverage contains a blend of the essential nutritional components that support a balanced Two Phase liver detoxification. This program is backed by published research that shows it helps relieve symptoms and conditions associated with toxicity. This detoxification program is only available through health care practitioners.

My clients report reduced or elimination of symptoms, increased energy, elimination of sugar and other food cravings, weight loss, recalibration of appetite and balanced eating, decreased or eliminated joint and muscle aches and pains, more balanced moods, and a general feeling of improved health after completing the detoxification program.

I recommend a liver detoxification twice a year, preferably during the season changes of Spring and Fall, when our diets typically tend to change.

I also recommend reducing your intake and exposure to toxins as much as possible. One of the key ways to help the liver detoxify the body is to keep the body in an alkaline state. The body’s acid/alkaline state adjusts throughout the day in response to what we are eating and our stress levels. A healthy body is always slightly alkaline. Although protein and grain foods are very important for overall health, they are acidifying to the body. They should be balanced with large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are alkalinizing, to maintain the body in an alkaline state. 40-50% of the foods consumed should be vegetables and fruit. Also, eat organic foods as much as possible (not just fruits and vegetables, but meats, grains, and other food products), drink lots of purified water, avoid tobacco, drugs, and excessive alcohol, use prescription drugs only when absolutely necessary, exercise regularly, and avoid using garden and household pesticides and herbicides.


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Special detoxification program, includes full instructions and all the detoxification supplement products (which represents much of the food you will need for the duration of the program). Although the program is self-contained, you may want a 30-minute consult with Judy prior to starting the program.

2-Week Program: $175.00

3-Week Program: $245.00

Pre-Consult: $65.00

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If you are interested in a group detoxification program, please visit my webinar page for information about my periodically offered 2-Week Virtual Detoxification Program for Body, Mind, and Home