Client Testimonials

I have made significant changes in my eating habits along the lines of what Judy suggested. My primary goal was to reduce the level of inflammation I had been experiencing. I am happy to say this has happened to a great level. I reviewed the results of some lab work with my physician [and] I was happy to find out that my cholesterol had gone from 202 to 162 and the my risk of heart attack index had gone from “high risk” to “below average risk”. In addition, a lot of other important health indicators were in excellent shape. Judy’s counsel was instrumental in helping me make these life-enhancing changes. I am happy to highly recommend her work to others.”
David Roche ~ Internationally known humorist and keynote speaker

I learned a lot about nutrition and myself while working with Judy. She taught me how to listen to my triggers and pay attention to my commitment in the face of day-to-day temptations. Learning how to have control over my eating habits has made me a much happier person. I think Judy provides a very valuable service.”
Lisa Campos ~ CPA

Ten years ago, one of my doctors suggested I see Judy Burgio for a nutritional evaluation to help correct some of my health problems. I’d lost energy, had back aches, difficulty with digestion and trouble breathing. Judy found I was allergic to wheat and recommended a change in diet and an increase in exercise…. The idea of getting my strength back was so exciting I did everything she told me…. My energy has returned, and in the process, surprisingly, I lost ten lbs.

 I have high praise for Judy, not just for helping me stay well, but because of her whole approach to achieving optimal health.”
Jean Goldberg ~ former designer and filmmaker, now writing stories for children

I feel really fortunate to have been referred to Judy. I consider her more than a nutritionist. Her knowledge of traditional medicine and medications has been instrumental in helping to keep me healthy.

 I really value her professional manner, and at the same time, her caring and warmth as a person makes the whole process really ideal for me.”
Suzanne Parker ~ Artist

I highly recommend Judy Burgio. With her expert nutritional advice, I lost almost 50 pounds in one year, and it was easy. As a pharmacist, she has also helped me over some rough spots concerning the effects of prescription medications, and I continue to rely on her in both areas.”
Marguerite Couvillion ~ San Rafael, CA

If it were not for Judy Burgio, I never would have lost 30 pounds and kept them off for over two years. Offering unconditional support, health and healing without shame, and nudging me gently in the early months to start walking, the weight came off. I truly believe that Judy’s background in medicine [as a pharmacist] makes her unique among nutritionists. She doesn’t dismiss the conventional approach to health and wellness, but rather blends this knowledge with an equal awareness of alternative methods and supplements. I find this comforting and assuring….”
Phyliss Rosenberg-Feliciano ~ Grantmaker

I have worked with Judy Burgio for a number of years. During that time she has educated me in the fundamentals of good nutrition. More importantly, she has taught me how to put that understanding to use in my daily life.

 My quality of life has improved dramatically. My energy levels are much more consistent, which has made me feel better and increased my productivity in all areas of my life. I have had to change a number of my eating habits, but have consistently seen the benefits of those changes. Today I eat a nutritional diet that is good for me, but at the same time I enjoy the types of food I eat as much or more than the foods I ate in the past.

 Bottom line, I feel good pretty much all the time, and I rarely have colds or the flu. Life is good!”
Kevin Shanahan ~ San Francisco, California

I have worked with Judy for more than 10 years to maintain my health and also as a preventative to disease. Her knowledge of sound nutrition combined with a great collaborative attitude is the perfect combination of mentor, coach, and teacher. With Judy’s counseling I am in the best health of my life.”
Connie Shanahan ~ San Francisco, California

I went to Judy Burgio because of periodic arthritis pain. I had been on medication for over a year. Within three months of adhering to Judy’s anti-inflammatory diet, the pain was significantly reduced. Within another six weeks I was no longer taking [pain medication]. For the past 18 months I have remained pain- and medication-free. I should add that as a result of the diet I shed 20 pounds and have seen a reduction in both my blood pressure and overall cholesterol. The diet allows for a wide array of choice and I could not be more delighted with the resulting improvement in my health.”
Gene Eidenberg ~ San Francisco, California

I have been a client of Judy’s for over ten years and have happily referred many friends and family to her. She has advised me with regard to weight loss after the birth of my children and was instrumental in helping me discover [a chronic condition]. Her positive approach to whole body well-being makes her an invaluable asset to our entire family. Judy is friendly, relaxed, and easy to talk to. She has helped me find realistic solutions to health issues that I can easily incorporate into my life.”
I. Witte ~ Wife, Mom, and Elementary School Teacher

Judy Burgio has been the indispensable member of my health care team for many years. She sits at the all-important crossroad where the world of pharmaceutical-driven medicine meets the world of alternative, nutritionally oriented medicine. 

Judy is knowledgeable about both prescription drugs and possible alternatives. She brings a deep scientific rigor to her evaluation of 
nutritional/alternative options that is often missing and much needed. 

Doctors come and go – I depend on Judy’s guidance most of all. I unhesitatingly recommend Judy to anyone who wants the best health care.”
F. McMurray ~ Writer/Editor

During my first session with Judy, she designed a healthy eating plan free of chemical medication and explained the importance of following the plan. Additionally, she reinforced to me that my [health] problems may be fully reversible.

 I realized the changes were life changes, not simply going on a diet to lose weight. During the hard times, Judy was always accessible by phone. I am currently following Judy’s maintenance program and look forward to my annual check-up. My doctor was shocked at what I had accomplished with my cholesterol level and weight loss in just 4 months. 

I feel great, full of energy, and most important of all HEALTHY. Thank you Judy for everything!!!”
Joseph Campagna ~ Millbrae, CA