Integrative Health Coaching

How Judy will work with you…

In her Integrative Health Coaching practice, Judy Burgio offers Whole Health Coaching, Whole Health Detoxification, Whole Life Coaching, health and nutrition information, products, and resources.

Judy’s goal is supporting vibrant health through a unique blending of three powerful systems:

  • Evidence-based Complimentary medicine
  • Traditional Western medicine
  • A proven coaching model for personal change

Judy’s approach is always grounded in these main principals:

  • Starting where you are
  • Working compassionately
  • Working with the whole person – body, mind, spirit

When it comes to your health and overall sense of well-being, where are you right now? No single question is more important at the start of a new client relationship. We start exactly where you are on your own unique path of healing. For example, some of us are healthy and just want to “tweak” what we are doing to get to the next level of vitality – more energy, better athletic performance, better ability to concentrate and focus, and elevated mood. And some of us are not sick, but have nagging, vague symptoms that interfere with our ability to experience full aliveness. Still others of us are sick, struggling with overt disease symptoms and perhaps taking medication that may or may not be working for us, or is creating intolerable side effects.

Judy’s role is to provide sound, evidence-based nutrition and health information. She then partners with you to create an individualized plan. As a start on your path to wellness, take a moment to complete the Toxicity Self-Assessment Test. And, take a look at The 7 Most Common Situations Judy has found in her work.


The 7 Most Common Situations

  • You have a significant diagnosis such as diabetes, auto-immune disease, arthritis, GERD (commonly called acid reflux), thyroid issues, irritable bowel, cancer, etc.
  • You feel off, you have vague and pernicious symptoms, perhaps you’re highly stressed, yet have no specific diagnosis, and your lab work looks normal to your health care provider. This would include symptoms like digestion problems, fatigue, low energy, sugar cravings, mood swings, sore joints, hormonal imbalances, etc.
  • You’re overweight and confused or frustrated about next steps. You’ve tried some approaches, without lasting success.
  • You’re either preparing for, or recovering from surgery or an injury.
  • You have lab work issues such as high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high CRP, high homocysteine, elevated liver enzymes, abnormal thyroid tests, etc., yet you feel fine.
  • You’re feeling great and are in good health, yet you want to fine-tune or perhaps prepare for an athletic challenge. Or, you have new annual blood work results and you want to update your current program.
  • You know what you need to do to improve your health, yet you’re not actually doing it.

Do you relate to any of the scenarios briefly described above?
If yes, please know there is good, evidence-based, compassionate support and help for you. Know that you can take more control of your health and begin the path toward a greater level of vibrant health.


Whole Health Coaching

In Whole Health Coaching, Judy begins by reviewing with you: your health history, current symptoms, concerns, and health goals. She then partners with you to determine the most appropriate health and nutritional plan and the level of support for the goals you want to accomplish. Learn more about some of her approaches to healing: Whole Health Detoxification, an Anti-Inflammatory Diet, or the use of Nutrition to Support Cancer Treatment. As needed, in person or in telephone sessions, Judy provides the ongoing support required to have you reach your health and vitality goals.


Whole Health Detoxification

It’s always a good time to give your body a fresh start. Undergoing a Detoxification Program is a great way to begin a new year, a new season, or simply to revive the body after going through an intense period of any kind of environmental stress. It can also be a way to shift from an unusually rich or indulgent diet at the end of a holiday season or a vacation. Your special detoxification program includes full instructions and the detoxification supplement products for a one-, two-, or three-week program. You may also want to complete the Toxicity Self-Assessment Test prior to, and upon completing the detoxification program.


Whole Life Coaching

Are you ready to dream just a little bigger? Are you ready to take on those life goals of yours in a more fun, engaged, structured, and ultimately successful way? Are you tired of going it alone? Is it time to get serious about that life change you’ve been thinking about for so long? Cultivating personal mastery when you don’t have time and can’t stop your life requires a special strategy. Whole Life Coaching can help you accelerate your change and goal-realizing process in all areas of your life. In person or in sessions via telephone, Judy works with you to determine the best possible program for your unique needs.

We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more of what we are.”
~ Adele Davis