Healthy Entertaining

judy and dale
I love sharing food with family and friends. And, it’s a pleasure to provide healthy, beautiful, and clean food to the people I care most about.

Many clients have mentioned that entertaining, or having houseguests is challenging when they themselves are trying to eat more healthfully. They have conflict because they believe there are certain things they should be providing guests, which they may no longer be eating themselves. Perhaps some reframing is in order. I’d like to offer some suggestions that will allow you to maintain your own healthy eating plan, while also offering your guests a delicious, healthy meal which is pleasing to all the senses.

To me, a nice meal starts with a beautiful table setting: pretty glasses, maybe candles, maybe fresh flowers. I like white or neutral colored plates so that every color of food looks attractive on the plates. And make sure the food is colorful! I’ve been experimenting with dinner plates and serving plates of all shapes and sizes to add more interest. For me, the meal has to be aesthetically beautiful as well as delicious.

Producing a healthy meal can be quite simple.It starts with shopping for seasonal, local and organic ingredients. The platter you see here is grilled wild Alaskan salmon, surrounded by a variety of grilled vegetables. It’s colorful and bountiful. Change the marinades and spices for different themes. This dish was a fajita meal with the veggies marinated in chili powder, cumin, garlic, olive oil, flavored vinegar, lime juice and a small amount of cayenne.

We served it with a variety of salsas: papaya and mango salsa; salsa fresco; roasted tomatillo salsa. And also with fresh guacamole, fresh cilantro and yogurt (instead of sour cream). We used handmade corn tortillas (hopefully possible to purchase where you live).

A different marinade will create a completely different meal. Try Italian spiced grilled veggies with grilled wild opah, mahi-mahi or tilapia fish. Or perhaps organic chicken or tofu. On a cooler night you may want to add a few small Yukon gold potatoes roasted with fresh rosemary for variety.

Appetizers ideas: fresh olives; cherry tomatoes; raw mixed nuts; hummus and veggies.

Summer dessert ideas: mixed berries topped with low-fat yogurt and a little vanilla extract; melon, berries and raw walnuts; fresh figs and raspberries.

Around here (SF Bay Area) some folks make a healthy, beautiful meal and then overdo it with wine. Be careful to keep the wine moderate and stay with the healthy theme.

If you’d like to set up an appointment for meal planning, or a fun market shopping excursion for yourself or a small group of friends, contact me.