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10 Tips for Healthy Holidays

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Many of you have been working hard all year changing your diet and improving your health. Congratulations on that good effort! Some of you have lost weight, lowered your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar or made other positive changes to important health indices. Or, for some of you it’s been about having more energy, less joint pain, better digestion, elimination of headaches, less depression and anxiety, elimination of hot flashes, or myriad of other symptoms.

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Balance Your Immune System and Stay Healthy this Winter

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The flu season started early this year. Many got sick already in September and often for numerous days. But just because bacteria and viruses are in our environment doesn’t mean we have to get sick. Keeping our immune system strong and balanced is our best tool for avoiding common colds and the flu this year. And the best way to do that is with a well-fed, well-exercised and well-rested body. A well-fed body means getting

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The Soy Food Controversy

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There is currently a raging controversy over soy foods. Are they healthy or dangerous? There are recent published books and a number of websites criticizing soy, some going so far as to say it’s “poisonous” and “dangerous” to eat”. On the other side of the argument are results of thousands of studies spanning over 80 years and research in various countries, identifying benefits of soy foods. So what is the truth in this confusion? I

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Healthy Entertaining

I love sharing food with family and friends. And, it’s a pleasure to provide healthy, beautiful, and clean food to the people I care most about. Many clients have mentioned that entertaining, or having houseguests is challenging when they themselves are trying to eat more healthfully. They have conflict because they believe there are certain things they should be providing guests, which they may no longer be eating themselves. Perhaps some reframing is in order.

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Healthy Eating Does Not Have to be Lonely!

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It can be stressful embarking on a new “get healthy” eating plan. It’s a project that requires planning, preparation time and, of course, personal energy. Clients often feel they must curtail their social activities, fearing they’ll have difficulty controlling their eating while with friends. And perhaps early on in the program that’s the best and easiest approach. But at some point it’s not a winning strategy. Either the eating plan will fall by the wayside

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What Makes Your Soul Sing?

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One day last week, I talked my husband into playing hooky with me on a workday. We went to Point Reyes National Seashore for a day of feeding our souls. For me, being in nature is a spiritual experience. I immediately feel the troubles of the day melt away and begin to feel my own energy slow down and blend with the world around me. Nature always reminds me that I am a part of

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Stress — and Its Impact on Health


We all know we can’t avoid stress in our lives, but it’s also important to recognize that recent studies continue to confirm that stress, especially chronic stress, is strongly linked to many diseases such as heart disease, cancer, most digestive disorders, strokes, auto-immune disease and even dementia. And scientists have also confirmed that stress can cause critical areas of the brain to shrink and some neuro-connections in areas of the brain to actually die. There

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Water FAQs


Am I drinking enough water? The foundation of good health starts with drinking water. The general recommendations for water consumption are 6-8 glasses (48-64 ounces) of pure, clean water a day. There is some controversy as to exactly how much water we should drink. Some say we should take half our body weight and drink that many ounces of water per day. For example, if you weigh 160 lbs, that means drinking 80 oz of

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And What About Bottled Water?


Certainly many people turned to bottled water when we began to learn about the dangers of tap water. Our concern seemed to make sense, because water is truly the elixir of life. In fact, we humans are composed mostly of water, about 70% actually. Therefore, replacing the water lost through sweating and daily bodily functions is a necessary step to health and vitality. But perhaps it’s worth revisiting the wisdom of using bottled water as

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Vegetarian for a Day a Week — Why?


Many of you know that I am a semi-vegetarian. That is, I eat fish, eggs and dairy but not poultry or meat. As a nutritionist, I believe this is a very healthy way to eat, although I also believe in personal choice. In fact a healthy diet, in my opinion, can also include organic poultry and meat as well. So in my practice, I’ve never felt it appropriate to suggest that my clients make the

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