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Skip the Exotics … Local Berries are Best!


There is a growing trend of promoting exotic fruits and berries like Noni, Goji berries and Acai berries, as having health benefits and even miraculous properties. There is a great deal of money being made packaging and promoting these fruits. Goji berries, also called wolfberry, are native to Europe and Asia, with most of the commercially grown goji coming from China. They are delicate berries and organochlorine pesticides are commonly used in their cultivation. Acai

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See the Documentary Film: Food, Inc.


“Fresh Farm whole chicken, $.79/lb.” ~ Supermarket Ad “Lean ground beef, $1.99/lb.” ~ Supermarket Ad Americans are addicted to cheap food. Just look at the proliferation and popularity of the big box stores that sell cheap food in huge quantities. We spend only about 9.7% of our income on food, which is a smaller share than any other nation. And, about 16% of our income is spent on healthcare – more than any other nation.

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Before You Return to the Tap … Bottled Water Revisited

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There have been numerous articles in the news lately addressing the problems with bottled water. Issue one: Some brands of bottled water are just tap water with a very high price tag. Issue two: The plastic container leaches toxic chemicals into that water. Issue three: The discarded plastic bottles are an environmental disaster. On all three matters, I agree wholeheartedly, these are real problems. I’ve been speaking and writing about all this for years. However,

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10 Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget


46% of the average American food budget is spent on meals prepared outside the home – with 32% of the daily calories the average American consumes coming from these sources. Everyone is trying to save money these days. And it can be tempting to start buying bargain food. But, there are many ways to trim your food budget without giving up healthy eating. In fact, saving money can actually lead to better health. Here are

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The Chocolate Chip Cookie That Ate My Memory

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What was the name of that …? Honey, have you seen my …? If you recognize either of these questions, you may have fallen victim to one of those now famous and clichéd events known as the senior moment! Of course, not all memory lapses are related to age. The young sometimes forget, too! But now an interesting new study asks a whole new question about memory: Is blood sugar related to the vexing problem

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Don’t Waste the Pain!


One thing is true: There is an unprecedented amount of economic pain, bad news, and general gloom-and-doom sloshing around in our lives these days. So who could blame any of us for retreating and retracting into a place of fear! In fact, most people are feeling at least some added level of stress these days that is manifesting in a number of ways. In our most intense moments this stress may create anxiety that has

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Statin Drugs: Misleading Study Results. Don’t Be Fooled.


Beware. Statin drugs are on the march again! Or should I say, the companies that sell these drugs are at it again. Of course I’m referring to the media buzz around the recently released results of a very large Harvard-led study claiming the benefits of Statin drugs even in people with low or normal cholesterol levels. The study, named JUPITOR, involved 17,800 participants. All had elevated C-reactive protein (C-RP) levels (which is an indicator of

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No Rituals, No Change!

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Remember – No Rituals No Change. Do you want to make a significant change in your life, particularly around diet and lifestyle? Great, here is what’s required: small and consistent steps. Without these consistent, day in and day out steps (aka rituals) the changes we most want and need to make will simply not happen. Many people say, “I know what I need to do.” Yet, deep down we know that knowing is not really

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New Cautions About Bone-Building Drugs: Are They for You?


Bone-building drugs are being prescribed more and more frequently, for lower levels of bone loss and for younger and younger women (and for men too). At the same time, there is more information coming out about them that suggest we should weigh the pros and cons carefully. What are osteopenia and osteoporosis? A bone density test measures bone in various locations in the body. The results are compared to the bone density of average young

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Cholesterol: What You Should Know

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I’m opening with a bold statement: In over 15 years in practice, I’ve never worked with anyone willing to do what was required to lower their high cholesterol level who was not successful. This includes people who were told their high cholesterol level was genetic and that dietary changes would not help. This is not to say it’s easy. Change, of course, never is. But it is doable. And notice I did say it requires

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