GMO FOODS? Vote for Health!

We in California have a unique opportunity to be the first State in the Nation to stand up for transparency with GMO foods (genetically modified foods). The rest of the Nation and other parts of the world are watching. There is growing concern about emerging evidence that these foods are making us sick. And even more concerning, making our children sick.

Allergies, food allergies, auto-immune disease, autism, and digestive disorders are rising at epidemic levels! These disorders are related to a disrupted immune system that is over or under-acting. Since 70% of our immune system starts in the digestive tract, it’s no wonder.

I can certainly vouch for this. In the 20 plus years that I have been in practice, I have seen the numbers of these disorders increasing at alarming levels and in younger and younger people.

The GMO food industry, led by Monsanto, impacted our food supply starting in the early 90’s. Canola oil was one of the first GMO foods, followed by soy, corn, cottonseed, beet sugar and now alfalfa. You may have noticed corn and soy in many forms is showing up in all kinds of foods.

GMO foods have not done anything positive for us– not more nutritious food, not cheaper food, not more food, and not less chemical and pesticide use on the food. It has only been good for Monsanto- providing them with greater profits. And most alarming, has given this multi-national corporation more control over the world’s food supply!

There is not yet “proof” that these foods are making us sick. But there is growing evidence. Starting with the increase in digestive and other illnesses as well as premature death in farm animals receiving GMO feed. And, additional evidence of improved health of herds when GMO’s are removed from their feed. Researches with lab rats fed these GMO foods are getting the same results. And, we are seeing these rising levels of immune system disorders in human adults and children. We can wait years for the absolute proof, or we can, at least, require that are food be labeled so we can make our own informed decisions.

What to do? First, make your voice heard. We should have a right to choose what we eat and feed our families. Proposition 37 on the California ballot in November requires labeling of GMO foods. Vote YES on 37. If it’s GMO it should say so on the label. We do have a right to be informed. Please support the growing voices in the world to stop poisoning our foods. Europe already did this in the 1990’s.

In the meantime, if you are choosing only organic you are avoiding GMO. The organic label can only be used in natural, non-GMO foods. If you are eating animal products, be sure you are purchasing food from farmer’s that are not using GMO feed.

Eat out much? Start asking in restaurants if the soy, corn or additives to the food they use contain GMO ingredients. Ask where the meat, chicken, eggs and produce come from. Restaurants and food manufacturer’s are in business to make money. If the demand is great enough, they will change their practices. We need to let them know we care about eating real food.

Want to learn more about it? There is a documentary you can view online at the very low cost of a donation, starting at $3.00. Link for film, Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of our Lives.

We can do this. Join me and over 60% of polled Californian’s on November 6. This is an area we can control.