Don’t Waste the Pain!


One thing is true: There is an unprecedented amount of economic pain, bad news, and general gloom-and-doom sloshing around in our lives these days. So who could blame any of us for retreating and retracting into a place of fear! In fact, most people are feeling at least some added level of stress these days that is manifesting in a number of ways. In our most intense moments this stress may create anxiety that has us feel overwhelmed, immobilized and simply out of control.

However, in our more calm and centered moments, we can understand and re-contextualize anxiety as simply another form of “energy”. And because it is energy we can re-channel all that pain, fear and anxiety into positive action.

So how can we take advantage of this heightened energy? How can we more reliably and sustainably return to our center?

First, keep it simple. We can focus our attention in all the areas where we have little or no control. Or, we can exert ourselves in the only place we really do control. Where? Within ourselves!

Ironically, my experience as a coach has shown me that these can often be the very best times to work on personal change. The fact is when things feel out of control all around us, it’s motivating, calming and gratifying to create some personal success.

So what about that personal change? Is this the year to act upon those desires you’ve had for such a long time? Or perhaps to take the next step of the journey you are already on?

Are there health issues you’ve been meaning to address? Is this the time to lose those extra pounds? To get your blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol under control? To get that exercise program started up again? Perhaps you have been intending to eat healthier?

Also, there may be nagging symptoms you’ve been dealing with for a long time that just keep getting worse: Like poor digestion, fatigue, insomnia, hormonal imbalance or depression? Or perhaps these times have highlighted that your ability to cope with stress actually seems to be getting worse?

For some it may be true that you’ve experienced significant success in one or more of these areas in the past. And yet with all the current stress and turmoil in our world you may have recently fallen off the wagon.

Whatever your personal situation, just know that you are not alone. Many are going through similar difficulties and challenges. Also please know that I would love to help. Helping people feel better and get healthier is what really gives me energy at times like this. I never get enough of seeing the look on my client’s faces when they begin to realize the positive impact that just dietary change can have on how they feel. And I appreciate the opportunity to coach and guide and share in their success. So, if you’re ready so am I!

Which brings us back to our theme: Never Waste The Pain! In fact, use it for all it’s worth. In the long run taking control in the areas where we actually can have an impact is the most efficient use of our effort and resources. Are you ready to take the next step in that self-improvement project?

Action is the gold standard of hope.”
~ Anonymous