Wait! Don’t Stop Taking Your Fish Oil Supplements!

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Yet again, the news media was all-abuzz with irresponsible over-reporting of misleading information. The headlines went something like: Fish Oil Supplements Linked To Increased Risk Of Prostate Cancer. The media frenzy was about a recently released “analysis” of a very small subgroup of study participants suggesting that omega-3 fatty acid levels in the blood were linked to increased risks of prostate cancer. This “analysis” was conducted by researchers from The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer

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Can Acid Reflux Drugs Cause Heart Disease?

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Yet another red flag is raised about a class of drugs used by millions of people. Methodist Hospital researchers out of Houston Texas found that PPI’s (proton pump inhibitors) used to treat acid reflux, heartburn and GERD, caused blood vessels to constrict. If continued for a long period of time, this could lead to high blood pressure, a weakened heart and heart disease. One possible cause of this effect is the suppression of the production

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MEN: Do You Know What May Falsely Elevate your PSA Test?

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Is PSA worth testing? There is a current controversy about whether it should be used as a diagnostic tool for detecting prostate cancer. Because a rising PSA usually leads to more invasive testing, which is more often negative for cancer, some authorities are questioning the wisdom of regular testing. However, PSA testing, especially when conducted and interpreted properly, can enable very early detection of prostate cancer in men. It should not be considered a “diagnostic

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