HealthNews Bytes Nov/Dec 2006

What is There to Drink?


Just water? “I get so tired of just drinking water” is the refrain I hear from clients time and time again. And, of course, I understand the frustration. We’ve become used to so many options – most of which are some version or sugar-water, or artificially sweetened water. But I’d like to offer some other ideas that will provide variety, as well as maintain health. First, let’s put a spotlight on the culprit. There are

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10 Tips for Healthy Holidays

olive grove

Many of you have been working hard all year changing your diet and improving your health. Congratulations on that good effort! Some of you have lost weight, lowered your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar or made other positive changes to important health indices. Or, for some of you it’s been about having more energy, less joint pain, better digestion, elimination of headaches, less depression and anxiety, elimination of hot flashes, or myriad of other symptoms.

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