HealthNews Bytes May/June 2007

Cancer: Treatment and Prevention


Traditional cancer treatment with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery is very well supported with complementary medicine. That support begins with an anti-inflammatory diet that can support a strong, healthy immune system. In addition, certain supplements can help decrease severity or even eliminate side effects including those causing digestive disturbances, fatigue, weight-loss, depressed mood and memory loss. And, it’s also important to know certain supplements don’t mix well with some cancer treatments. Please be in touch if

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Stop Dieting!

rock formation

There have been a number of articles in the media recently quoting a recent study, or I should say, “meta-analysis” concluding that most people who lose weight, gain it all back. I’m not sure why such a “meta-analysis” is getting so much visibility, except perhaps to make the more invasive surgical option look more appealing. Although certainly, gaining back the same weight over and over again is a common problem, many people have lost weight

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