HealthNews Bytes January 2013

MEN: Do You Know What May Falsely Elevate your PSA Test?

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Is PSA worth testing? There is a current controversy about whether it should be used as a diagnostic tool for detecting prostate cancer. Because a rising PSA usually leads to more invasive testing, which is more often negative for cancer, some authorities are questioning the wisdom of regular testing. However, PSA testing, especially when conducted and interpreted properly, can enable very early detection of prostate cancer in men. It should not be considered a “diagnostic

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REBOOT: Get More Clear, Focused and in Right Action Supporting Your Goals

You can’t do it all, but you can do one thing, then another, then another … And you can lead your home and work life in a way that serves others while also serving your own needs for good health and making a difference in the world. You can lead your life in a way that builds upon and leverages your natural strengths, preferred behaviors and core motivators. And you can realign your work and

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New Year’s Resolutions 2.0

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You know how the first few weeks of a New Year start off all bright, bubbly and full of hope? And then gradually the year starts limping just a little, a tad lost, trailing off into a slightly confused muddle of half-finished projects and abandoned goals? OK, who among us can’t relate to this situation … at least a little? But wait! It’s only days into 2013 and your throttle is still likely on that

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