HealthNews Bytes August 2012

Turn Up the Wick on your Health with Turmeric!

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Did you know there is lots of potent healing right there in your kitchen spice cabinet? Herbs and spices have many health-enhancing properties. I have written in the past about the garlic family, rosemary, cilantro, oregano, ginger and many others. Now its time to turn to Turmeric … The emerging research on turmeric for promoting health, boosting immunity, decreasing inflammation and decreasing cancer risk continues to be compelling. What is turmeric? Turmeric is an Indian

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Are You Taking the Right Supplements for Your Needs?

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Are you someone who keeps adding and adding to your supplement regimen until it simply gets to be too much? Too much to manage, to swallow, or just to expensive? Then in frustration … you drop everything! Or, are you someone who has a supplement plan that was designed years ago and are still taking the same products? Even though you are years older, with perhaps changes in symptoms, conditions or blood test results? Or

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