Are You Taking the Right Supplements for Your Needs?

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Are you someone who keeps adding and adding to your supplement regimen until it simply gets to be too much? Too much to manage, to swallow, or just to expensive? Then in frustration … you drop everything!

Or, are you someone who has a supplement plan that was designed years ago and are still taking the same products? Even though you are years older, with perhaps changes in symptoms, conditions or blood test results?

Or perhaps you are someone who doesn’t take supplements at all …

I see each of these common scenarios in my practice. Perhaps I can shed some light on the whole topic of supplements. Vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet can help energy, mood, weight loss and maintenance, decrease nagging symptoms and prevent disease. In our world today, most of us don’t eat well 100% of the time, and we are exposed to many more toxins in our environment. Most of us can use this extra support.

Fact is supplements should not generally be the same for everyone. Or, even for the same person all the time. We go through periods of changing needs- stress, weight gain, pregnancy, surgery, new and varied symptoms and conditions, and blood tests that show less than optimal results. Just the aging process alone can require re-evaluation of our diet and supplement plan.

I recommend a yearly review in conjunction with annual blood work. I have many clients I see once a year- after the new blood work results are in. We review first any changes in how they feel, level of stress, changes in their life and in their current diet. Then we review the blood work. Our goal is not just to be in “normal” ranges, which actually mean “no disease”, but to attain “optimal” ranges in our lab work, which means “healthy”. We then create an adjusted supplement plan to support health for the coming year. It may mean changing doses, adding or dropping supplements all together. The last thing we accomplish in this review is to adjust the list of lab test you may want to ask your physician to follow-up with the following year, or perhaps even sooner. Again, all is based on what is currently going on for you.

It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about who we are, what we are willing to do and adjust accordingly. I have a client who will take a max of four supplements at any time. For her, it is very important to make sure those four are the best for her current life.

So how do you get that annual lab work? Usually this happens in conjunction with your annual physician check-up. However, you may have you noticed that the number of tests currently ordered annually is decreasing. For some people it’s only one-half a page, while it use to commonly be two pages of results! Part of the reason is that insurance companies are decreasing the number of tests they are willing to pay for. More and more people are paying out of pocket for preventive testing. There are labs providing this service to individuals at much lower costs. I have worked with one lab to create a general list of annual testing I would recommend for everyone as a start. And, they came up with a very reasonable price, which is hundreds of dollars cheaper! Anyone can order these tests online for yourself and you will personally get the results mailed to you. You can review them with your physician and alternative practitioners.

How do you order these tests? Go to At the bottom of the page you will see a test called “HealthSynergy Comprehensive Wellness Profile Complete”. That is the test that I have asked them to put together for much more complete testing. The price as of the date of this publication is $229. Of course, if your insurance will pay for it and your physician will order it, you may not need to use this site at all.

The next time you take your supplements, ask yourself when was the last time you made adjustments for the current you! It may be the perfect time to update your regimen.