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Judy Burgio
Judy Burgio has been well-known as a highly-skilled Integrative Health Specialist for over 20 years. In her private practice in Mill Valley, California, she sees clients in person and also conducts telephone consultations all over the U.S. and internationally. Combining her expertise as both a pharmacist and a nutritionist uniquely reflects her passion for optimal health and life-balance. Because information alone does not create change, Judy is also a trained Life Coach, enabling her clients to make change that sticks. Believing that true healing occurs from the inside out, Judy works enthusiastically with clients toward bringing their actions into alignment with their visions, values, and goals.

In her practice, Judy has learned that simply having good information is not enough for most of us to make changes in our lives. If it were, all the self-help books that fill our shelves would have “changed” us long ago. And, we all know, change is not so easy. Change is the process of shifting from one way of being and acting to another. The closer we get to the heart of change, the more we realize that what stops us is not outside us, but within us. As a coach, Judy partners with her clients to help them learn how to get out of their own way. She not only shares her expertise, but is constantly learning from her clients — sharing this repository of ideas, insights, tools, and techniques throughout her “learning community”.

As a dynamic and inspirational speaker, Judy frequently serves as a consultant and educator to associations, corporations, and community groups. In her presentations, she focuses on the emerging new technologies and insights in the health field as well as the latest techniques for ensuring sustainable change. Judy’s 20+ years of working in the industry has given her a unique and bold vision for transforming the future of healthcare.

Judy is a member and past Board member of The National Association of Nutritional Professionals (NANP), The Institute of Noetic Sciences, and The Life Extension Foundation.

She is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo with a B.S. in Pharmacy as a registered pharmacist, and the National Institute of Nutritional Education as a Licensed Certified Nutritionist.

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In Judy’s words…

“In my work, I have a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others, and helping to support them toward greater levels of joy and aliveness.”

“My personal vision is to contribute to creating a more compassionate, collaborative, and life-affirming world. I am always delighted when I see clients discover, within themselves, previously untapped potential to take charge of their own health and life balance.”

“Once we begin to care more about what we eat and how it affects us, we naturally start to care more about where our food comes from and how it’s processed. This often leads to a more caring attitude for the health of the planet, all species of animals, and the full human community. Through my work, I feel I’m taking one small step toward helping to create a community of people who care more deeply about making this a better world.”

“As a lover of the outdoors, I feel blessed to be living in such a beautiful region, which allows me to step outside my door any time I want onto any of a number of stunning wilderness trails.”

“I’m grateful to be “owned” by two cats who make sure, with their antics, that I’m frequently laughing and not taking myself, or my life, too seriously.”