Speaking & Presentations


With over two decades in the healthcare field, Judy has become one of the thought leaders on the industry’s future. Her presentations are lively and filled with new insights and ideas. She is as comfortable speaking about the health needs of individuals as describing her bold new vision for the future of healthcare in our country.

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Integrative Health Coaching


Judy combines the mind of a scientist, the skill of a seasoned coach, and the heart of a compassionate practitioner. Believing that true healing occurs from the inside out, Judy works enthusiastically with you toward bringing your actions into alignment with your goals in a way that actually works in your life.

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Webinars & Workshops

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Webinars and workshops on a wide range of health topics — from Detoxification to How to Understand Lab Results — are a growing part of Judy’s ability to reach more people, more frequently. Her programs will help you get reliable information in a concise fashion that is compatible with your busy schedule.

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Simply having good information is not enough for most of us to make changes in our lives. If it were, all the self-help books that fill our shelves would have “changed” us long ago. The closer we get to the heart of change, the more we realize that what stops us is not outside us, but within us.” ~ Judy Burgio